Individualized Integrated Y-Strap Treatment in NYC

Dr. Steven Shoshany's Individualized Integrated Y- Strap Treatment  in NYC

The Y- Strap has gained a lot of traction on social media and youtube since 2017, also known by its original name, the long axis traction treatment seems to be headed back to its inception. Dr. Steven Shoshany recently announced the integration of the lauded and seemingly rediscovered treatment to his Manhattan practice.

dr steven shoshany using the y strap adjustment on patient in nyc

The Y-Strap is used to treat a number of neck ailments stemming from neuromuscular and skeletal issues. These can also include cervical disc herniation and sprains. Migraine treatment is also a major issue that is usually addressed by this cervical traction procedure. The Y-Strap is a simple device consisting of high strength nylon and soft foam padding. when affixed to the base of the skull and forehead, the device allows for a secure and snug harness for decompressing the cervical spine.  

Unlike most of the popular Y-Strap adjustment procedures, Dr. Shoshany prefers to use the original intention and adhere to the founding intention of the Pettibon system that first developed the long axis traction treatment. The treatment takes just a few minutes and the results and pain reduction is almost immediate in many cases. When properly integrated with a long term approach in mind, the Y-Strap treatment is also combined with many ancillary techniques like cold laser, massage, spinal decompression or the Graston technique.

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