the cox technic force table available in manhattan for treating back and neck pain

The Cox Technic Force Table


One of the top ranked NYC chiropractors Dr Steven Shoshany upgrades his NYC Cox Technic (Technique) repertoire to include the best possible equipment for treating back pain without surgical intervention.

This revolutionary upgrade to the current lineup of Cox tables includes a live force monitoring system. Dr Shoshany's Cox Technic table and monitoring system will further expand his ability to treat patients suffering from various forms of lumbar and cervical pain. The Cox technique greatly increases the ability of the specialists at Dr Shoshany’s Manhattan practice to address mechanical injuries and issues involving the back and neck.

Dr. Steven Shoshany has been practicing for over 20 years, and is very excited to use a tool like the Cox Technic Force Table that can display and record every bit of treatment information as it is administered.

“This is such a great tool, not just for the visual feedback component, but I can record the exact manual treatment that the patient underwent, and I can compare the course of treatment and have a near perfect record to study and work from. It is one of the best implementations of this type of data display and recording Ive ever seen. It’s going to be an excellent asset to my practice, and more so it is the future of chiropractic.”

The Cox Technic Force Table goes above and beyond with the use of a high definition display, which is the only one of its kind. There is no other force table offers a fully articulating cervical head piece, lateral flexion and flexion in the caudal section and distraction. And all these feature are seamlessly integrated all in one table. Our Cox Technic NYC table is used to administer a highly reproducible treatment, because it takes into account the patients clothing drag, age, weight and even gender. The table treats using calculated and set force, not a distance like traditional distraction tables.

With the aforementioned ability to record the patient's visit, the data is also logged so the provider can compare your progress across the treatment timetable to objectively judge if the patient is getting better. Dr. Shoshany has found this to be a great visual aid for patients who may become frustrated with treatment, if they regress or re-injure themselves. Dr. Shoshany also lauded the system’s use as a patient education tool, he stated,“We do sometimes see patients who feel great after treatment, and are motivated to get better, and then they do something to hurt themselves at home, like moving furniture, or sleeping incorrectly. Its easy for them to feel like they’re back to square one, but with the Force table I can show them where their spine actually is in terms of treatment. Which is usually a much better outlook then they thought. It really helps to get them motivated again, which is essential for recovery.”

The Research Behind the Cox Technic
There has been about 50 years of research that has been the driving factor behind the continued development and evolution of the Cox Technic.

  • Cox Flexion/ Distraction provided statistically significant pain reduction.
    [schliesser, Kruse, Fallon, JMPT 2003;26(9):592-596]
  • Manipulation of the spine and exercise reduce headaches.
    [Jull et al, Spine 2002;27(17):1835-43]
  • Cervical F/D protocols lower C4-C7 intradiscal pressures as much as 96 to 1583 mmHG pressure.
    [Gudavalli et al, Evidence-Based Comp Alt Med 2013, Article ID 954134]
  • Cox felxion distraction (F/D) relives cervical spinal stenosis and its radiculopathy.
    [Kruse, Gregerson, JNMS 2002;10(4):141-7]

Dr. Shoshany talks about the Cox Technique in NYC

Dr. Shoshany talks about the Cox technique and how he uses it to treat patients who are suffering from pain.

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