erchonia fx635 cold laser therapy is FDA approved for treating pain

FX 635 Laser

the fx635 laser by erchonia is approved to treat chronic lower back pain

IV Therapy - Vitamin and glutathione infusion

Athletes and celebrities swear by IV therapy and use it for everything from curing a hangover to alleviating chronic fatigue. IV therapy is also called IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy. We are bringing what was once reserved for a select few, to our Manhattan patients. Most popular infusions include vitamin C, magnesium and a full spectrum of B vitamins. Along with a high dose of vitamin C and magnesium, we also tend to include zinc and calcium. Most people report amazing changes in mood, mental clarity, and energy soon after receiving their infusion.

erchoniaThe first and only FDA-approved laser in the world that can help alleviate chronic lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, chronic neck pain, post-operative pain, as well as various forms of shoulder pain.

The FX 635 is a revolutionary, hands-free cold laser that provides mind-blowing results through trusted, innovative technology.

The FX 635 is now the only laser approved to treat chronic lower back pain, with an amazing 72% success rate in clinical trials.


Erchonia is the most trusted brand in laser therapy in the world. If you’ve gotten laser therapy before, chances are you were being treated by an Erchonia device.

Most physical therapy and chiropractic practices use both cold and hot laser devices, and many of them trust Erchonia products. In addition to its FDA-approvals, this safe, clinically-proven treatment also works to heal knee pain, inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome. We also use cold laser therapy to treat various chronic conditions as well as strains and sprains.

fx-635 cold laser therapy is approved by the FDA to treat back pain and plantar fasciitis

Where Can I Get Laser Therapy?


We are the only integrated practice in NYC to offer this exclusive treatment. For almost 20 years Dr. Steven Shoshany has been an advocate for combining chiropractic and physical therapy.

Dr. Shoshany has been a pioneer in the use of non-surgical methods for treating back, new, and shoulder pain.

Back injuries and back pain are the most common physical ailments in America. Many people undergo major surgery just to get out of chronic pain, but with chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, along with ancillary treatments like the FX 635 cold laser device many surgical candidates get out of pain with long-term results.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, especially if it is lower back pain, we can help.

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