Testimonials from patients of our New York City Chiropractic Office, in their own words*

Degenerative Disc Disease- C5, C6, C7: Patient Testimonial

We treat a lot of patients suffering form herniated or bulging discs. In this case the patient was suffering from a great amount of pain, that had become debilitating and had a tremendous impact on quality of life.

The problems stemming from the cervical discs were also causing arm pain. Using a combination of Spinal Decompression, Chiropractic adjustments, Cold Laser Therapy, and the Graston Technique, we were able to help return the patient to full range of motion and eliminate the pain, leading to a much improved quality of life and another very satisfied patient.

Our approach is unique, because we used a patient centered, multidisciplinary approach to treatment and combine many different treatment protocols to treat patients without drugs or surgery.

Testimonials* from Past Patients

Spinal decompression worked, I stopped suffering

I have a new back!!!

BY A NEW BACK, I MEAN one that has stability, flexibility, adjusts itself naturally, and free of the tricky discs, the gripping spasms & debilitating pain. Those that suffer with back disorders, know that this is pretty amazing testimony.

DR. SHOSHANY IS THE SPINAL HEALTH CARE LEADER, an expert in spinal decompression, and a healer of back pain: he has the winning team, the high-tech facilities, and the proven approach. (Read this review, and others.)

DR. SHOSHANY AND HIS TEAM OF WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS TOOK MY COMPLICATED CASE to create a healing program of core strengthening, chiropractic adjustment, stretching, and spinal decompression. This is a high-tech operation with a very caring and knowledgeable team of experts that all pull together to cause wellness in their patients

TO SUM UP DR. SHOSHANY, SPINAL DECOMPRESSION, DRX 9000 IN TWO WORDS: Very Effective! In one word: Incredible! While perhaps I've gained only millimeters in additional disc space by Spinal Decompression, it feels like inches to be free from the non-stop nagging of back pain. It was so easy, just 20 consecutive treatments. I scheduled my therapy three times a week. I WAS SERIOUS AND I GOT SERIOUS RESULTS. Although it's not inexpensive, for a new back, revived energy, and no back pain-it's great value! Unlike surgery, the expense is not astronomical, it's non-invasive, there's no recovery time, nor the possible complications of surgery

FOR MY PART, I have taken their direction & the spinal decompression opportunity very seriously. Anyone with back issues understands the importance of a strong relationship with your back; and I was serious about creating one and I applied myself to reinforce the opportunity. I have put into practice all that Dr. Sho and his team have taught me (a special thanks to David Vargas, Trainer). My core muscles have strengthened significantly, and engaging my core strength in the simple routines of life has become second nature. THE RESULTS HAVE PROVEN THE WORK THAT I WAS WILLING TO TAKE ON TO MAKE THE MOST OF SPINAL DECOMPRESSION.

I have a new back: if you're suffering with serious back issues, don't delay. Make an appointment to see Dr. Shoshany. I'm back in action with a spinal column to support it. It's truly incredible.*


Decompression Worked Wonders!! - Dec 4, 2008

I could barely walk, sit or stand when I found my way into Dr. Shoshany's office. I had seen 2 other  NYC chiropractors with no success and had heard about the decompression treatment with Dr. Shoshany. He sent me for an MRI and my results showed a bulging disk and a herniated disk. Dr. Shoshany started me on decompression treatments 2-3 times a week and I have seen marked improvement! My pain level when I first sought treatment was easily a 9.5 on a scale of 1-10 and I am now nearly pain free. I have only a few treatments left and am very satisfied and grateful for the treatment I have received.

Another wonderful thing about Dr. Shoshany's practice is that it is all-encompassing... the treatment options available directly through his office(massage, physical therapy, an MD in the office, acupuncture, etc...) makes this a wonderful and easy place to get the care you need!

Also, Dr. Shoshany was very flexible and worked with me on payment options. My insurance would only cover so much and he offered suggestions/ideas on how we could work together and was more than fair in working with me. It was apparent Dr. Shoshany was more concerned about me getting better than anything else.

Finally, the staff at Dr. Shoshany's office is wonderful. They make a point to know your name and get to know you. It's actually a pleasure to go to my appointments there three times a week.*

Highly recommended! Five Star Service!!

After a very scary MRI and dire verdict from another chiropractor who will remain nameless, I researched spinal decompression.  I originally investigated an office in Brooklyn, but despite my interest, they never contacted me with anything but junk mail.  Thankfully, Dr. Shoshany, on the other hand, called me the very next morning after I wrote an email inquiry, and spoke with me personally.  He was able to get me an appointment the very same day, and I began sessions on the DRX-9000.  I have to say that it has transformed my life--I can travel on trains and planes without excruciating pain and have finally started wearing heels again!  Dr. Shoshany cares about providing cutting-edge care and his office involves a holistic approach to health.  I made a huge commitment to this alternative therapy and am happy to say that it was one of the best decisions of my life--not only have I avoided painful and expensive surgery, but I have begun dancing again and can now do pilates & yoga exercises that were impossible for years.  I have also been adjusted by Dr. Shoshany and he has a gift for gentle and effective chiropractic care.  I truly believe that Dr S has given me back ten years of youth and happiness!  *

- Sandra C.

With a history of problems due to herniated discs and degenerative arthritis, my back pain recently flared up again. Not wanting to go to the same chiropractor I had last seen about 2 years ago, I searched the web and found Dr. Shoshany. After reading up on his decompression therapy, I made an appt. It was the best decision. This is not your typical "crack-your-back" chiropractic treatment. After the first visit, I could feel the difference. I cannot believe that more people do not know about this amazing therapy or that more chiropractors do not offer it. The decompression therapy combined with a strengthening machine regime have produced unbelievable results. Dr. Shoshany and his entire staff are friendly, compassionate, helpful, and knowledgeable. You are always greeted with a smile. If you have insurance, they make the financial process really simple by handling all the paperwork. The offices are bright, modern and spacious. The machines are new and state-of-the-art. My appointment requests have always been accommodated. I can't say enough about the care and treatment I have received at Dr. Shoshany's office. I don't know how long this therapy's results will last but for anyone who has suffered back pain, it doesn't matter right now. The immediate results of feeling better right away are what does.*

Pros: Decompression, Decompression, Decompression, Takes insurance, High-energy, smart, sweet staff

R. Decagna

Dear Dr. Shoshany,

I am writing to express my gratitude to you for all you have done for me. You have quite literally restored the quality of my life to me. I have not felt this good since before I had injured my back. on or around april of 2007, I aggravated an injury I had suffered while performing my police duties,  I began to experience  immobilizing pain and electrical shooting nerve pain in  my lower back which shot down my entire left leg, buttock and groin, the pain was so intense i could not even walk , I was seen by a neurologist and went to the emergency department of my local hospital, I was given heavy narcotics via IV infusion.
i was then placed on heavy narcotic drugs round the clock, these drugs took the edge off slightly , but i was still useless, even urinating was a problem. I was only getting 2 hrs a night of sleep and was becoming near the edge of my sanity.

I went to several pain management drs, they gave me epidural injections which slightly helped for a brief time and then when the nerve pain began to intensify i became frightened, I was never going to have it that bad again i swore, I was told i may have to get surgery or live in pain the rest of my life. I did not wish to have surgery , I am the mother of four children and could not be laid up that long, I began to look on the internet for alternative methods and i cam across your web site, i read about the DRX9000 decompression table and called you right away within two days I was seen in your office and you sat me down and explained every thing so easily , your knowledge and your commitment to your profession was very impressive, I agreed to try the treatment , and after just a few sessions I was able to straighten up and walk righ. i would sometimes leave with nbo pain at all. it was amazing . You also place me on other devices the rolling table to loosen me up , and you reviewed my MRI before treatment, I wasn't sure i would complete all of the treatments because I had to travel 100 miles three times a week to go to see you but after the first few sessions I knew i would have gone twice the distance if this wasn't enough , you began to teach me of holistic methods of pain relief and nutrition. gave me fish oil and glucosamine etc. You prescribed an exercise plan where i began to walk ( yes i said walk ) and core strengthening exercise . i now sleep five hrs a night sometimes even seven. and I am walking three miles several times a week I am a mom again, shop cooking, washing and all the things that i was limited before ,
you are a very warm and caring human being, and patient as well :)

I owe you a great debt that a simple thank you cannot express, but know i shall tell all my friends and anuy one who is injured to come see you , and I myself shall never forget what you have done for me thank you so very very much.*

Sincerely, Loretta Collins

Following a fall down stairs back in '99, I continued to work but slowly developed chronic Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia. By the time I was diagnosed, I was pretty much crippled, both physically and emotionally. My life had been turned up-side-down and while medication gave me a great deal of help, I was frustrated with the medical community and my H.I.P. coverage that they couldn't do more for me. I am a very pro-active person and decided that I need to look for alternative care. When my right hand became completely incapacitated, I went to Dr. Shoshany for trigger point work. In three session, I could use my thumb again and the excrutiating pain in my wrist disappeared. It has not returned. He is now helping me with the horrible migraines which cannot be handled with medication. In the past two weeks, I have recieved four back adjustments, with cold laser treatment on my neck, and already I find my pain diminished. I can climb stairs, walk my dog and, for the first time in years, stand straight again. Dr. Shoshanny is a blessing! He is caring and knowledgeable and, having been ignored by the medical community for such a long time as a "complainer" (anyone with Fibro/Myofascial knows the drill) it is wonderful to have such supportive care. The best thing of all - Dr. Shoshanny has given me back my optimism and my self-confidence. What a priceless gift! Whatever your problem, call and talk to Dr. Shoshaney. You won't regret it!*

Pros: Patient Care, Willingness to Listen

I am a student and had been living with pretty bad lower back pain for a good number of months because I didn't want to deal with searching for a chiropractor, figuring out insurance, and finding time for appointments. When it finally got too bad to ignore, I looked online and chose to go see Dr. Shoshany purely because of location convenience. I didn't realize that he was probably the best find possible - he and his staff extremely caring and personable, and they make it easy to get better. There are always appointments when I need them, and not only did they help me figure out how to make the insurance work, but they actually found a way for me to get massages on a regular basis, also paid for by my insurance. My back is feeling 100% better and I get to maintain it on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to visit their new office very much, but be sure to visit it for me because it sounds like it is going to be beautiful! I highly recommend this practice.*


I have now been a patient of Dr. Shoshany's for over three months. I asked for help and it finally came - in the form of physical therapy and orthotics! I looked around for a local office that practiced the Graston Technique for my chronic plantar faciitis and finally found one - Dr. Shoshany's office. It has helped me with the intense pain in both my legs so much, I am now able to walk and stand for long periods of time again. I am also able to enjoy massages and pedicures! Dr. Shoshany and his team, worked with me and applied special tape to my legs (like the kind on the vollyball players at the Beijing Olympics), I was fitted for my orthodics and I continue my PT. They are friendly, helpful and work with you and your pain level. I am grateful! Thanks!!!*

I've never been to a chiropractor before and had intense and persistent pain that caused me to go Google some solutions. Dr. Shoshany came up in my search and I was pleased with his website and even more impressed that he personally emailed me back the same day answering some of my questions. I came to the office and was pleasantly surprised at how modern and "cool" the atmosphere was. The receptionsists greeted me kindly and the waiting room was spacious. There are multiple rooms that offer various machines to assist in your treatment plan. And didn I mention there's an on-site masseuse?!!! Jackpot! She was wonderful. What stood out to me was that Dr. Shoshany also didn't rush me and was thorough in taking X-rays and explaining my problem. He made me feel comfortable and was friendly. He also didn't "push" unnecessary services or procedures. He only stressed that I'd have to be committed to a treatment plan and I respect that since he only has my health in mind. You need to be consistent in order to get to the root of your pain. One realignment of a back won't solve the problem of a person who's bordering on a bad case of scoliosis. I look forward to my chiropractic treatments. See you next week *

After many years of lower back pain, things worsened in June '06.I went to an orthopedist who did an MRI, prescribed percocet, and told me to come back in 1 month that if I wasn't better he'd schedule me for an epidural shot for 3 bulging discs.

A month later after no improvement I went to a Pain Management Specialist and received a series of 3 epidural shots and more percocet. The shots relieved my worsening pain for 2-3 weeks at a time.Finally, in November everything came to a head.One day as I was driving to my job (heavy construction) I could not straighten up when I got out of the car.I then decided to go to the emergency room.I was given 4 mg of dilaudid and admitted for 6 days.The MRI revealed the 2 bulging discs and 1 herniated disc.I was told my only options were surgery and was advised by my own doctor only as a last option to get surgery.

After returning home my symptoms returned immediately (electric shocks down my back to the back of my legs and burning pain in my lower spine.)I could barely stand or sit.I believed my career was over and my retirement plans (in 10 years) would never be a reality.I was told by a relative of mine (a chiropractor) about the DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression machine.I was very skeptical because my insurance does not cover the 20 treatments .Finally I realized I must exhaust all options before surgery.

I interviewed 2 doctors and chose Dr. Steven Shoshany.My treatments have been nothing short of miraculous!I got immediate relief from the electric shocks and intense pain.I'm sure there are many such machines out there, but I can not recommend a doctor as genuinely committed to over seeing that I receive the best quality of treatment with the DRX 9000.Dr. Shoshany has a laid-back but concerned attitude, and his experience with fine tuning (VERY IMPORTANT) of this machine is the reason I am testifying to the results (above my own expectations) that I am receiving.*

Ed Springer

I'm 33 yrs old and was diagnosed with a large herniated disc (L5-S1) following an MRI. I'm an active person and was injured after playing tennis.  For weeks, I endured the pain hoping that it was a simple muscle strain which would simply go away, however, the time came when I knew something was seriously wrong.  I was referred to a neurosurgeon, who without hesitation, advised me that surgery was my only real hope and that any non-surgical alternative would be ineffective.  The news was discouraging and I came very close to "giving in" and having the surgery.  I desperately wanted to avoid it as I had heard many horror stories involving failed back surgeries and didn't want to take the risk unless there really was no other choice.  After vigorously researching the subject, I came across Dr. Shoshany's website, which was very informative.  I consulted with a couple other chiropractors about the spinal decompression procedure, but ultimately, decided to give it a try with Dr. Shoshany and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I am now in the final stage of my treatment and feel signficantly better than when I first started.  I can now walk normally and don't have to rely on pain medications to get me through the day.  Emotionally, I feel much more positive and eager to get up in the morning to go to work and to face family and friends.  I would urge anyone to seriously consider giving this treatment a try.  Dr. Shoshany and his staff are very professional and responsive to any questions or concerns.  Back surgery should always be your absolute last resort!*

Jason C., Attorney, New York City

Hi Dr. Shoshany,
I just wanted to share with you how great full I am for having experience this Spinal Decompression treatment.  For 15 years I suffered with low back pain.  I was diagnosed with A herniated disc that was arthritic and sciatica.  I had pain that radiated down my right leg which prevented me from standing, sitting for long periods or even walking too fast. Basically, pain was a way of my life.  I tried pain killers, exercises and stop short of an operation. I can honestly stay that from the day of my first treatment, I felt a change.  The pain was gone for one thing.  As I continued with my sessions, my condition just got better and better now three sessions away from the end of my treatment, I can honestly say that I feel like a new person with a new back.  You have given me back a very important of my life.  Sometimes I forget I'm no longer in pain, I'm walking strong and I smile every time I think of this miracle.
Thank you Dr. Shoshony.  I've share my successful with everyone I know that has back problems.  God Bless You, Jewel Kemp *

I've been suffering from a herniated disk in my lower back for the last 14 years. I've tried various types of physical therapy and medication over the years without any real success. Although I've considered back surgery to correct my back problems, I was reluctant to do so, because I felt that there had to a better alternative other than surgery. After extensive research I had contacted Dr. Shoshany, who is extremely professional and informative. After my 11th treatment on the DRX9000 system I had started to feel much better. The results are amazing. I now can walk without any discomfort. I would recommend the DRX9000 system to anyone experiencing lower back pain oppose to surgery. *

Thank you again, Dr Shoshany.Alex B - Brooklyn, NY

Thank you so much for helping get my daughter in the optimal birthing position.  Little Isaura is definitely a larger than average baby (9lbs. 2oz.).  I saw you last on Wednesday and on Thursday I received great news; apparently she had turned to the left occiput anterior position.  I am convinced that the Webster adjustments you performed and home exercises suggested by my midwifes prevented a c-section.  It was a textbook labor and delivery.  I will recommended you to every expectant mother I see! *

Thank you again,
Marisol Peña

I have been suffering from chronic pelvic pain since the age of 18. After having as many as 10 operations over the years I had found no relief to the constant pain. I tried many different treatments including heavy doses of narcotics, but I still had no relief. At the age of 25 I finally resorted to removing my right ovary, hoping that I would experience some relief.

After the surgery, I did find some relief, but there was still some pain that persisted. I increased my narcotics, but again I found no relief.  After speaking to my doctor, he suggested that maybe spinal injections were the next option for me. At the age of 25 I could not bring myself to resort to such invasive treatment. I began to do research on the internet, when I came across Dr. Shoshany's website. I was very impressed when I called the office and was able to speak with the doctor before making an appointment. He took the time to discuss my issue with me and offered to have me come in the same day. After only 3 visits the pelvic pain had improved and practically disappeared.  I am very grateful that I found Dr. Shoshany's website and opted for a less invasive and painless treatment. *

"Prior to taking Maya to Dr. Shoshany, she complained almost daily about how her back hurt. I originally thought it was just growing pains, but became concerned when it didn't go away after a few months and started interfering with her gymnastics. A friend told me that a chiropractor might be able to help, so I took her to Dr. Shoshany. Maya immediately felt some improvement, and after a few treatments she was back to her old self. Now she actually looks forward to getting her adjustments, and is back to doing gymnastics." *

Robin Schindler described her experience with her son, Raymond, who was suffering from frequent ear infections:

"Raymond was recommended to Dr. Shoshany by his E.N.T [ear, nose and throat specialist] as a last ditch effort due to his chronic ear infections, and was about to have tubes put in his ears. After a couple of visits to Dr. Shoshany, no more infections, and no surgery … he gets a wellness visit about once a month now. It just made sense to me - I get his teeth checked, his eyes checked, so why not his spine?" *

" I was having back problems for about 20 years and have seen everyone from Chiropractors, to acupuncturist to physical therapist but when I started seeing Dr. Shoshany he recommended I start with Spinal Disc  Decompression treatment, I told him I saw the DRX9000 commercials on my local television and told me his protocol was better and it saved me money because his table wasn't the price of a house and he passed the savings on to me, so I tried it and let me tell you it is the most logical thing and after the 4th. visit I am pain free and after 20 years of suffering I am ready to get back to Living." *

- Richard C- Brooklyn, NY

"I have seen all those ads in the paper about Spinal Decompression and how it can cure my sciatica, so I did my homwork and contacted Dr. Shoshany and he was able to provide me with all the answers I was looking for and he gave me a great price on the service, I went and consulted with three other doctors in New York City that offered DRX 9000 and some offered the spinemed table but Dr. Shoshany gave me the best price and attention i needed  and my pain is gone and my herniated disc is resolved I have the MRI's to prove it!" *

- Mark B., East Village, NYC.

"I have had TMJ pain for over two years and it is bad I wouldnt wish it on my enemy and I have tried everything from mouhguards to botox injections, a friend suggested that I try Chiropractic care with Dr. Shoshany. Dr. Shoshany did a couple of movements of my neck and used a cold laser whatever that is on my neck and my jaw and by the third visit my jaw stopped hurting! I almost forgot about what it felt like, I highly recommend him" *

Debbie S. - Greenwich Village, NYC

I have two herniated discs in my neck from a old car accident and it has been causing pain into my arms and Dr. Steven used this cool machine called Disc Decompression and for a half hour a day I am on this machine and by the second week the tingling stopped and I feel stronger, I am scheduled for another MRI next month I am confident it will be better, there gotta be something to this Spinal disc decompression it worked for me.*

Marcus A. - Gramercy Park, NYC

Since I had my knee operation in November I was in constant pain going up and down the stairs. Since having only two treatments (Cold laser therapy) I feel great! It is like have a new knee again. Thanks Doc.*

Eric B. Bauer, Brooklyn

About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with two degenerative discs in my lower back.I was unable to get out of bed and at times even stand up straight without extreme pain.I went for physical therapy and was on anti-inflammatory drugs, which helped somewhat, but the pain would keep coming back.Thanks to spinal decompression I can now get out of bed with virtually no pain and I played my first round of golf in years with no pain and my quality of life has increased immeasurably.Thank you.*

Steven B, Greenwich Village

"I have had Sciatca pain in my right leg for three years , I have been through every procedure from cortizone injections to accupuncture all of which gave me temporary relieve. I started with the spinal decompression machine and by the seventh visit I am seeming an improvement! I appreciated the time Dr. Shoshany spent with me explaining my problem to me. I highly recomened to anyone suffering with Sciatica or a bulging disc to at least give this great procedure a try." *

Evelyn Garcia, Union Square

It had been over a year that my back pain prohibited my physical activity when it came to working out. First it was upper back pain that caused me to be on a lift restriction. A significant part of my job consists of manual labor. Then eventually I was experiencing lower back pain with the extra bonus of sciatica. Walking had become a chore. I decided to do something about it and went to see Dr. Shoshany.  Over the last three months that I've been under chiropractic care I've noticed improvement.  I'm feeling better mentally and physically. My mornings consist of a light workout and I in the process of shopping for a gym membership. Clearly I'm on the road to recovery.*

Tanya M.

I am a currently undergoing spinal decompression therapy under the supervision of Dr. Shoshany. After just 4 visits, I experienced some relief from the horrible sciatic pain in my right leg and was able to walk without using a cane. After 5 visits, I was able to walk 1 mile without stopping to rest and experienced no increase in pain. Later the same day, I was able to walk another mile with the same results. As a patient who has a long history of disc herniation and sciatic leg pain, I would definitely recommend this treatment. I only wish that spinal decompression therapy was available 5 1/2 years ago, because I would have tried it instead of undergoing a painful back surgery.*


Sharon S.: After a severe whiplash injury in 1991, I have suffered from chonic neck and back pain. I saw orthopedists, chiropractors and physical therapists. None were able to treat me successfully. Recently, I found Dr. Shoshany, who prescribed treatments of spinal decompression. After just 6 visits, I am out of pain. I have regained the mobility in my neck which was severely limited. I also had limited movement from a frozen shoulder which is almost completely restored to normal. I am amazed and feel as though I am waiting for someone to wake me -- this must be some kind of wonderful dream. I can't recommend him highly enough.*

From Michael Scoma: I started to feel excruciating pain in my right leg about 2 years ago.My doctor diagnosis was a herniated disc.He recommended physical therapy but that did nothing for my pain.I then had 3 epidural shots in my back to alleviate the pain.I worked for a little while but the pain returned and got progressively worse instead. I was looking into back surgery until a friend saw an article about decompression and found Dr. Shoshany for me.I made an appointment and signed up for 20 treatments.I was skeptical at first but after 10 treatments I felt an absolute improvement.I would definitely recommend decompression as the treatment for pain.*

Dear Dr. Shoshany,

I can't thank you enough for relieving me of  the constant debilitating pain I had in my neck.  I regained range of motion and have been pain free since my last spinal decompression treatment in July 2006. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from chronic spinal pain.  I didn't see any difference until my 15th treatment of 20, but the results have lasted.  I've been pain free in my cervical spine since July 2006, and I regained range of motion.  Sure beats surgery! *

Yours truly, Artesia A

I'm 33 years old, vibrant, healthy, and have excelled in many sports since I was really young. However, in my 20's I started to experience severe low back pain which would knock me off my feet for a week several times a year. Despite the frequent back problems In November of 2005 I ran my second NYC marathon. Immediately following that day I began to suffer from chronic back pain. I was unable to take my shoes and socks on/off without tears welling up in my eyes. I had difficulty putting my pants, getting out of bed in the morning, and forget washing my face in the sink…impossible. Sadly, I had to turn down anything that involved being seated for any length of time.

My first doctor prescribed physical therapy. After 4 months, 2 times a week, and chiropractic adjustments, I had some relief and could pursue some low impact exercises. But progress was slow and after a while I just didn't seem to progress any further. I tried to remain strong and positive, thought I'll give it a year. But the truth was I was miserable, frustrated, depressed, and fragile.

Then this past summer I drove my friend back from the beach. During the drive my back started to tighten up. Three hours later I tried to get out of the car and could not stand up. As a result I missed a week of work lying on the floor waiting for the pain to go away. That week I saw another doctor and he insisted I get an MRI. The results showed that I had 2 herniated discs, L4 and L5. He prescribed 4 epidural injections and if those didn't help then we'd start to discuss surgery. I was absolutely crushed, but forged ahead without the epidurals, without surgery, in pain and without a plan.

5 months later I heard about Spinal Decompression from a Chiropractor. I did some research about it on the web and within an hour I had found Dr. Shoshany and scheduled an appointment for the very next day. He told me with complete confidence and sincerity that with just 21-24 sessions of spinal decompression I would experience a full recovery. I'll never forget his words, it was an absolute dream come true. I started right then and there.

After only 2 sessions I was able to dress myself again without any discomfort. It took 4 months to complete all my session. From the very beginning I felt significant relief and back to my young, energetic self again. I'm still amazed at how quickly I experienced the results. I quickly got back into exercising again and can now do as much cardio as I have energy for along with pilates and weights classes.

I'm now better than ever, living a pain free, happy, accomplished life and for that I want to thank you Dr. Shoshany. *


Cricket H.

In April of 2005 I began to experience severe lower back pain and muscle spasms. One event being so acute that I went to the emergency room where I was given Morphine and x-rays were taken that revealed nothing.  Over the next 8 months my lower back pain continued to worsen, exacerbated by the fact that I'm a bartender who works long hours on my feet and shake a lot of cocktails. The pain was really making work miserable. I went to my primary care physician and he gave me percocet and gave me a list of exercises that might help and also suggested yoga, massage, and physical therapy.  I did the first two and got accupuncture. Nothing was really helping though. after the new year things got worse so I went back in to my doctor who increased my dosage of pain meds which were't helping. So I tried a physical therapist. She told me that I had some severe trauma to my back, and that my spine and pelvis were out of alignment.  Then right before I was supposed to leave on a business trip, my back gave out alltogether and I was in the most excruciating pain. I could barely walk.

This is when I found Dr. Shoshany. I went in and Dr. Shoshany said that my back was pretty messed up confirming what the PT had told me.  We first decided to try conservative chiropractic care to see how I responded.  After the first week still being in dire straits Dr. Shoshany asked if I would get x-rayed. So I went got x-rayed and learned that indeed I had a serious spinal injury between my L1 and L2 lumbar vertebrae. The back was shot, there were bone spurs growing from the vertebrae and the nerve on the right side was being pinched, rendering me numb on the front right part of my stomach down to the top of my thigh.  This injury had been sustained 6 years earlier in a fall from the third story of a building.  It took 6 years to manifest itself. Dr.Shoshany had told me about Spinal Decompression therapy when I first went in.  In light of my new diagnosis, he recommended that I start decompression and that my injury was a text book case for decompression.  The night after the first session I was amazed, the nerve was unpinched and I could already notice a difference. That night I was able to get the first good night of sleep in a long time. After completing decompression I'm back up on my feet and virtually pain free. Now I'm working on strengthening my core muscles to prevent further injury in the future. Decompression therapy was the smartest move I could have made. Back surgery seemed like a total gamble that would have been far more expensive.  I'm very happy with the results and would highly recommend both Spinal Decompression and Dr. Shoshany.*

Chad Solomon

About five months ago I was taking 3-4  advil or aleave, 3 times per day.  I had neuropathy down through my leg that gave me drop foot.  I couldn't workout or even get a good nights rest if I wasn't on some kind of anti inflammatories.  "I was in pretty serious trouble for a personal trainer". I had been in a car accident about a year ago and was diagnosed with L5 S1 centrally herniated disc. Initially I went to physical therapy and chiropractic care which did nothing for me.  As time went on my pain worsened.   About a year later, I found myself in an orthopedic clinic in hopes of resolving my back pain. I was   going "full steam ahead" on a protocol which started with the strongest anti-inflammatory going on toepidural injections and leading to surgery if these options failed.  The first part of this protocol put me in the hospital for ten days with a staff infection, "scary". The hospital told me that the anti-inflammatories I had been taking were responsible for decreasing my immune system which lead to me getting the staff infection.  After this incident I gave the orthopedic protocol a rest.

About a month later I was doing some research on the Internet and came across the DRX9000.  In having a background in physical therapy, this DRX9000 made logical sense though, I was still skeptical about the whole thing. Even after meeting with Dr. Shoshany and going over the therapy and treatment, I was still a little skeptical. I decided to give 20 sessions a shot.  After the first session I felt some immediate relief.  Dr. Shoshany explain end to me that the treatments affect everyone differently.  At about half way through my treatments I was totally off all of the pain medication I was taking.  I was getting better rest and waking up because my alarm clock was ringing, not because of my back being in pain.  I was able to put my socks and shoes on without a painful struggle.  I was truly amazed by these results.   At the end of my treatments I was pain free.  Being concerned about re-injuring myself I kept up with my core strengthening, biking and stretching.  Soon after treatment I was working with weights, circuit training at about 65% of my max intensity.  I felt great, as if I could work harder but, I wanted to be smart about
not re-injuring myself.  I worked out like this for about 2 months , modifying my training to working not only hard, but smart.  There were some exercises I excluded from my workouts.

Now I'm about three months out and I'm doing everything I want to do and more.  I'm weight training as intense as I want to.  I work out with the kettle bells.  I run timed miles, I'm biking, and even boxing.  I actually just started to add some kickboxing to my routine.

If anyone has any questions about my experience with Dr.Shoshanny and the DRX9000 treatments, please feel free to contact me at Crunch Fitness Christopher St.Greenwich St. location (212)366-3725 *
Thank you,
Robert Sand,
A.K.A. Butch

*  These are only opinions from past clients. Individual results may vary and these claims may not be permanent. We do not publicly endorse any of these views as scientific, we cannot guarantee these same results in any or all future cases.

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