Dr Shoshany's Upcoming Surgery and Practice Updates

It happened. After practicing for 26 Years, I injured my wrist badly enough to where I can't avoid getting invasive surgery. If you’ve noticed the slight lull in my Social Media activity, and overall fewer updates about the office, now you know why.

My patients know that I give everything to the adjustments I perform, every time. Unfortunately after 26 years, this had added up to my wrist being pretty badly damaged. It has gotten so bad that I've been having to get actual shots, and I even did a lot of physical therapy to try and avoid the knife. I spent a very long time successfully taking the non-invasive path, but I just could not take the long periods off from my practice to fully heal up.

It looks like I will be in a cast for a couple of months, but hopefully, I can get back to adjusting like nothing ever happened. Of course, surgery is risky, but I happen to have some experience with the human body, being a chiropractor. As for continuing to treat patients, I have been looking far and wide for an associate chiropractor who could cover my patients. As you may know from following my social media accounts, NYC patients are very demanding, and will not put up with anything except the best.

dr neibarger adjusts a patient's spine in nyc chiropractic officeI should also take this time to introduce Dr. Austin Neibarger to the practice officially. Dr. Neibarger was chosen after months of searching for someone who would treat my patients properly. He is a graduate of logan university, he's an excellent adjuster, and I was lucky enough to him already practicing in New York. He’s got the experience and he's also very strong so he can really “move” people that want the intense, YouTube-worthy adjustments. He'salso not afraid to adjust just about anyone, in which case he is also a lot like me. At my practice, we adjust everyone from babies to 105-year-olds.

Of course, I will be back to oversee everything in the office in a couple of weeks, since I just will not be able to stay away. Dr. Austin is also qualified in many of the ancillary techniques I offer my patients. He is trained in ART (Active Release Technique), COX technique, as well as the Graston technique. I don't see the patient transition as being anything but seamless. And most patients will end up getting worked on as a team once I’m ready to get going. That’s two chiropractors for the price of one.

This was a big change that I was not looking forward to, but it will be a temporary change. Things are heading in the right direction and once things settle back down post-surgery. I really do feel that the practice will be better than ever.



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