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Some Great News for Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care in the News
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I've been a  practicing chiropractor for over twenty years. Ive been treating patients out of my Broadway office in Soho, in the heart of the New York City shopping district. I wanted to take some time today to write about some of the recent articles have been coming out, and they have been, to put is simply, unusually positive for chiropractors. The past few months have seen a very positive flow of news regarding chiropractic.

News article shows that chiropractic is superior to surgery and drugs for treating back pain | NYC Chiropractor Dr Steven ShoshanyThe most recent article was published in the New York Times and it was fairly straightforward. It encouraged medical doctors to rethink the role of chiropractic in dealing with back pain. The author talked about how people are over medicated with opioids, and how chiropractic should be the alternative to over-prescribing pain medication with the added risk of addiction. And yet another article recently came out,which I recently I  found out about yesterday. it was from Consumer Reports, rating chiropractic care, acupuncture and physical therapy, the preferred treatments for people that are suffering with back pain.

A very important statistic we have to consider is that over two-thirds of Americans will experience back pain in some point in their life. And in light of the current drug abuse epidemic taking place today, when more and more people are dying every day from overused and prescribed medications, it fits perfectly with what the NY Times article brought up.  Today in America over ninety four Americans are dying a day due to prescribed abused and overused medications. Chiropractic fits perfectly into the plan for curbing pain killer abuse, dependency and addiction.

Chiropractic not only considers the person's symptoms but is also the most effective protocol for addressing the underlying root cause of the problem. When a chiropractor evaluates a person we're not just looking at the resulting pain symptoms. The problem almost always boils down to a muscular imbalance or spinal misalignment that can be leading to nerve irritation that's causing pain and dysfunction. So if you're experiencing back or neck pain your safest bet is to see a chiropractor.

Getting back to the article in The New York Times, a very simply stated bit of writing, written by a practicing physician who encouraged other physicians to reconsider their bias towards chiropractic and reconsider referring their patients to chiropractors. I personally feel, through my 20 plus years of hands on practice, that we should be the front line in treating patients with back and neck pain. Like the article stated, I agree that not all chiropractors are the same and not all chiropractic practices are the same. The way we practice at my Manhattan office is what is commonly known as an integrated practice model. It's a team of chiropractors working alongside with physical therapists massage therapists, and an acupuncturist. Its a patient centered approach where different disciplines come together blending what they each do best and focusing on the patient's goals on getting back to enjoying things they love to do without drugs without surgery and without much downtime. Turns out the mainstream is catching on to the pill-free approach to treating back pain, and finding chiropractic as a powerful ally in the war against opiod drug abuse.



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