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Q&A with Dr. Steven Shoshany Chiropractor

Questions and Answers about NYC Chiropractic Center for Spinal Decompression by Dr. Shoshany

A headshot of Dr. Steven Shoshany, Chiropractor and Spinal Decompression Specialist in NYCI started my first practice in 1999. After running a chiropractic-only practice in the West Village for 9 years, I became aware that the patients’ needs sometimes went beyond chiropractic adjustments and decided to look for a way to expand the practice to be able to offer comprehensive, one-stop care that enabled patients to fully recover without needing to be referred to multiple offices. We relocated to a larger facility in NoHo where we are now able to provide integrated care  to our patients. Ive been practicing chiropractic for over 13 years.

We specialize in non-surgical preventive and corrective care, as well as pain management. I work alongside  chiropractors, a medical doctor, physical therapists, massage therapists, and an acupuncturist.  We offer patients the latest innovations in non-surgical treatments in each field and work together as a team to provide each patient with a custom-tailored care plan. So its not that we use a single treatment exclusively, we use what is best suited to the patient and will result in the best outcome.

What type of services are currently being offered?

We offer a wide variety of non-surgical treatments for pain, injuries, irregularities and disorders of the spine, joints, neck, and body.  We treat everyday conditions such as back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as serious chronic issues such as sciatica, disc herniation and degeneration, arthritis, loss of function and mobility, and more.  We also offer rehabilitation protocols for sports injuries, post-surgical patients, and post-trauma patients. Recently the interventional pain management treatment have been expanding, and our medical doctor is able to administer a wide variety of interventional pain management techniques that work incredibly fast to reduce pain. Supartz is very popular and effective for Joint Fluid Therapy and we offer that as well.

What are some of your signature treatments?

Spinal decompression is one of the top therapies we offer, and I was one of the first chiropractors to patent NYC DISC treatment protocol in New York.  It is a non-invasive, computer-assisted process that increases space between the vertebrae over a series of treatments in order to release excessive pressure from discs, nerves, and soft tissues, which are the root cause of pain along the spine.

We also provide pain relief and endurance treatments that are very popular with runners and athletes, including hyaluronic acid injections, prolotherapy, and more. Several of these injections are also prescribed for the treatment of arthritis pain.

Additionally, we are trained in pain-relief and rehabilitation techniques such as Active Release Technique® (ART), Graston Technique® soft-tissue mobilization, Kinesio taping, Cold Laser Therapy, along with acupuncture and medical massage therapy.

What makes what you do different from other clinics?

We strive to provide patients with all the necessary services in-house for their comfort and convenience. This also makes it easier on the doctors, because we can all work together and look at the same x-ray, MRI’s and other diagnostic reports, at the same time. We have a medical doctor on staff who can test patients for a wide variety of conditions as well as provide any necessary prescriptions, a team of chiropractors who analyze and treat patients with spinal issues and pain, physical therapists who work on rehabilitating patients through customized exercise routines with the latest equipment and techniques, massage therapists who perform manual soft-tissue rehabilitation for improved comfort and healing, as well as an acupuncturist who assists patients in achieving lasting pain relief. We also offer diagnostic services in our offices, including X-rays, ultrasounds, three dimensional fluoroscopy, posture tests, nerve tests, and more.

Who are your typical patients?

Our patients run the spectrum of age, and occupation, as well as the varieties of pain and injuries. They range from young children to the elderly, from sedentary office workers to professional athletes, models and actors. We see a lot of people who are busy and need to be out of pain fast. Our treatments are non-surgical, safe, and effective for patients of all ages and activity levels, which makes for an incredibly diverse patient base. We treat very common injuries and ailments such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. as well as more serious, painful injuries. All of our patients come to us because of our multifaceted, integrated team approach to total wellness.

Why do you only accept certain insurance plans?

We accept many major health insurance plans. Due to the way most insurance plans are structured, many physicians are required to lower their standards of care in order to meet insurance carriers’ financial requirements.  We are committed to only working with companies who will allow us to provide the best care available without compromising the quality and frequency of treatment needed by the patient.



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