Maintenance and Motivation

We're talking about the human body here, that much is a given. But why do we, overwhelmingly so, look after our goods and possessions better than our own selves? Our cars, bicycles, computers, clothing, homes, even our yards, and lawns often see more care and maintenance than the human vehicle inside which we spend all of our lives.

Dog owners tend to walk more, due to the fact that it is required and preferred that the family pet or pets exercise and do their business outside the home. This results in improved health due to exercise, but the reason for the exercise is not the activity itself, or even the resulting health benefits.

We are a society that values and promotes motivation, especially self-motivation to often unhealthy levels when it comes to business, sports, or hobbies. So where is this motivation to keep your body going? To keep your joints in check? To maintain muscular strength and balance? The simple answer is that the time, energy, and motivation is spent by the time we get around to thinking about our own physical condition.

Forget Motivation Build Habits and Establish a Lifestyle
Motivation is temporary, habits build lifestyles and lifestyle becomes culture. When you're surrounded by people that value external reward over internal health, you will get caught up in that and do the same in turn. Here are just three simple habits you need to instill right now to start healing and improving your body today.  

1. Make Recurring Appointments
Calling your chiropractor to make sure you get checked up regularly, and keep maintenance appointments is essential to keeping the engine of your body working properly. The spine and nervous system tell every other part of your body what to do. All movement originates at the spine and all neurological feedback must travel through the central nervous system.

2. Integrate
You need more than adjustments. A holistic approach includes working out and stretching at home to maintain a level of physical function and biological feedback to keep your nervous system tuned. Once chiropractic adjustments remove interference, realign and re-balance your spine, you must build strength and range of motion to keep pain and injury away.

3. Invest in Yourself
Think of your body as a high-end car. It's going to need tuning and maintenance. Invest in some new workout gear, buy a new foam roller, upgrade your gym membership, take a spa day. You need to invest in your body, and not constantly move it to the bottom of the list. Putting your physical health first will only ensure that you can do more with less pain and more energy.

There is still a lot more to it, but these days it seems a handful or less is about as much as people are willing to take. It's not an easy answer, or a convenient one. Some might even see it as a reality check. Most people will see this post as motivation, but hopefully, they will use it to build habits in the future.

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