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Exciting News For My NYC Patients

I’m excited to be writing this blog to share some exciting news with my patients. Recently we got a brand new treatment protocol, as well as a brand-new table, manufactured by Advanced Chiropractic equipment. This table has a fairly famous name, and it is called the Ring Dinger® table. This piece of robust technology was made famous by the one and only Dr. Gregory Johnson in Houston Texas. This table has a special place on the internet as it is famous for Dr. Johnson's Ring Dinger® chiropractic technique. For a long time, this has been an exclusive chiropractic adjustment only administered by Dr. Johnson in Texas.  

The good news is that I am now a member of Team Ring Dinger®. Which is great news for everyone in NYC and the tri-state area. The Ring Dinger® is available right here in Manhattan, finally! 

You might wonder what exactly is it that makes this table so special? 

Aside from being internet-famous, and bolted to the floor, the table has integrated essential features, like the hip harness. This hip “lockdown” is essential to delivering that powerful full spine decompression Dr. Johnson is famous for.

now available in nyc the ring dinger treatmentIt’s simple, the patient lays on it like any other table, but there is a special harnessing system that fixes the pelvis in place. This means that the entire force from the “pull” of the Ring Dingerthe Ring Dinger technique  technique is not wasted, and all that energy goes directly into the spine. It really concentrates that long axis adjustment and decompression.  Moreso, the panel below the knees comes up and puts the hips and legs in the optimal position for administering the technique. Of course the magic of the adjustment is in the pull, and that happens at the head of the table, naturally.

The difference between this and all other treatments that pull and decompress the spine along the Y-axis is that patients will feel the effect of the manual spinal decompression from the neck all the way down into the lumbar spine. 

We’re talking about a full spine effect, and it is intense! That's the technique, the chiropractor adjusts the spine using the y-axis pull, while decompressing the entire spine. When patients get this adjustment there is never a lack of feedback, this is one adjustment you will feel. I have gotten this adjustment myself from the man himself, Dr. Johnson. I flew down to Houston Texas to get this technique performed on me, and also to train with Dr. Johnson. I liked it so much I decided to become part of his team and get certified as a member of Team Ring Dinger®.

It was a no-brainer to learn this technique and bring this table to my patients in  New York City and the the surrounding metropolitan area. Go check out the videos on YouTube and come in and see what this life-changing technique can do for you.



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