Powerlifting Injury Treatment through Integrated Chiropractic Protocols

We recently had a patient injure his back in the gym. Many of our patients are weightlifters, powerlifters, avid runners and CrossFit competitors who are unable to take long stretches of time off from training. Many competitive athletes have competitive seasons and can't afford to lose their edge and limited performance windows.  

Powerlifting is especially taxing on the body but it also takes a huge toll on the nervous system. Heavy lifting puts an emphasis and therefore the majority of its demand on the joints, tendons, and the Central Nervous System (CNS). Powerlifting and weightlifting injuries are a tricky issue to overcome because even acute injuries mean that there are underlying chronic issues. Whether these injuries be postural or muscular imbalance, they can be addressed by continuing chiropractic care.

A single adjustment or integrated treatment session might get a patient out of pain with long term relief, but when it comes to a competitive weightlifter, bodybuilder, or powerlifting athletes the first goal is to ensure that they are able to move through the full range of motion as quickly as possible. This is difficult to do in a single session with patients who live to lift heavy weights. Follow up sessions then evaluate and address underlying muscular and CNS imbalances and weakness.

The underlying neurological (CNS) injuries are often the real issue and in this specific case, the radiating pain was a foregone conclusion. Acute lifting injuries often accompany nerve interference or impingement. This is why multiple sessions that integrate chiropractic, physical therapy, laser therapy, and Kinesio taping are essential for the fastest return to training and competition possible. 



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