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Benefits and Applications of Cold Laser Therapy

Benefits and Applications of Cold Laser Therapy NYC

Cold laser therapy, a revolutionary non-surgical pain relief protocol, is one of the latest medical innovations for the treatment of damaged soft tissue. The groundbreaking, FDA-approved therapy is safe, painless, and highly effective without any known side effects, and is designed to directly reach the source of pain and comfortably eliminate it by naturally repairing tissue damage at the cellular level. Cold laser therapy is customarily recommended for patients who present physical injuries such as sprains, bruises, as well as evidence of overuse or damage of soft tissue, whether from injury or routine wear-and-tear.

Cold laser therapy sessions are non-invasive, straightforward, and last 10 to 15 minutes.

The duration and frequency of Cold Laser Therapy varies depending on the extent of tissue damage and individual response to treatment. While the patient rests in a comfortable position, a low-level (also known as “cold”) laser beam is aimed at the site of injury. The laser beam goes below the skin and into the damaged cells, reaching the mitochondria, where each cell produces, stores, and distributes energy. Stimulated by the laser, the flow of energy within the cells is stimulated, which enhances tissue regeneration and accelerates healing. The patient feels no heat or pain during treatment and will experience an improvement in comfort, relief, and recovery time. Because cold laser therapy does not have any known contraindications, it can be prescribed as part of a physical rehabilitation treatment program in conjunction with other therapies, as well as for post-surgical patients.

Cold laser therapy can be administered to patients of any age and physical condition IMG_2988.jpg

There is no downtime or inactive recovery period after each cold laser therapy session, which means patients are not required to alter or discontinue their normal activities as they undergo treatment. Because cold laser therapy works with the body’s intrinsic healing properties, there are no adverse changes in the patient’s body.

The only effect of cold laser therapy is a measurable increase in pain relief, healing time, and overall wellness.

Cold laser has been successfully utilized by athletes and sports professionals who are susceptible to injuries and need to recover quickly in order to achieve peak performance. Cold laser is a preferred therapy for the treatment of torn, ripped, injured or damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues that have undergone trauma. Cold laser therapy enhances the tissue’s natural regenerative properties, speeds up healing and enhances blood flow and cellular function as it prevents future damage.

Dr. Steven Shoshany, an expert in the field of innovative methods for non-invasive pain relief, is a cold laser therapy practitioner in NYC and offers the treatment to patients in his state-of-the-art Manhattan physical rehabilitation facility.

Dr. Shoshany has helped patients successfully achieve long-term pain relief by prescribing cold laser therapy both as part of a comprehensive treatment protocol as well as by itself. Some of the most common applications of cold laser therapy include treatment of muscle sprains and aches, torn ligaments, swelling and bruising, and more.

For additional information on Dr. Shoshany’s cold laser therapy treatments, to schedule a consultation, or for an overview of Dr. Shoshany’s extensive non-invasive pain relief treatments, please visit: www.drshoshany.com or contact 212-645-8151.



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