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Cold Laser Therapy for Shoulder Pain in NYC

Cold Laser Therapy for Chronic Shoulder Pain in NYC

Shoulder impingement is a common condition in athletic patients and can also occur when patients of any age or activity level suffer trauma to the shoulder joint.  The good news is that shoulder impingement is treatable and reversible in the majority of cases through non-surgical therapies.

Dr. Steven Shoshany, one of NYC’s top chiropractors, has a successful track record of treating patients who experience pain, discomfort, and loss of mobility due to shoulder impingement, helping them avoid surgery and return to their normal activities.

Cold laser therapy can help on injured knees and painful shouldersOne of Dr. Shoshany’s top treatments, and one of the most effective options for the treatment of shoulder ailments, is cold laser therapy.  This safe and painless non-surgical therapy works by administering a controlled dose of low-level laser light directly to the affected area.  The laser beam painlessly penetrates and travels under the skin to reach the injured tissue at the cellular level, where it stimulates and increases ATP production, which is a “power food” for cells.  Increased ATP production translates into faster healing by progressively decreasing inflammation and speeding up tissue regeneration.

Cold laser therapy is a proven method for the treatment of shoulder impingement, and, depending on the nature and extent of each individual injury, can be prescribed alone or as part of a more extensive physical rehabilitation regime, which may include other non-surgical components such as physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, pain management, massage therapy or therapeutic ultrasound.  Dr. Shoshany and his expert team of physical rehabilitation professionals offer all these services under one roof, offering NYC patients a one-stop shop to suit their needs.  Dr. Shoshany’s team handles all aspects of recovery, from diagnosis to treatment and post-treatment maintenance care.  Each patient receives individualized care through a personalized treatment plan that is created and adjusted based on the patient’s response.  All of the treatments available at Dr. Shoshany’s state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation facility in downtown Manhattan are non-surgical and proven to be safe and highly effective.

Patients in NYC who suffer from shoulder pain, discomfort, stiffness, or reduced range of motion, should contact Dr. Shoshany for a consultation to explore cold laser therapy as a safe and effective treatment option, in addition to the vast range of treatments offered by Dr. Shoshany.  For more information, please call us at 212-645-8151.



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