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Are New Yorkers Prone to Back Pain?

What is it about New York City that makes People Prone to Back Pain?

Our NYC Chirpractic and Back Pain treatment center is in Noho Manhattan is on Broadway between Bleeker and Houston streets

NYC is one of the busiest, most active cities in the world. 

New Yorkers never stop moving, which has its benefits but can also take a toll on New Yorker's backs.  Working New Yorkers, who keep the bustling city running, spend a great deal of time in the office, where they remain in unnatural seated positions for most of the workday.  Additionally, those with long commutes and busy schedules are at risk of neglecting their health and turning to quick fixes if pain becomes an issue.

 Back pain is common in NYC because a large number of New Yorkers spend most of the day away from home and may need to tote around things such as work equipment, a change of clothes, supplies, and other items that can become heavy and place a burden on their backs.  NYC women are notorious for carrying heavy bags that can cause imbalances in the spine, which result in painful injury to the back.   Because back pain is so common, it is easy to become used to the discomfort or mask the pain with temporary solutions such as pain-relieving creams, sprays or patches, or even ingesting dangerous medication to numb the pain.  Although sometimes helpful, these methods do nothing to remedy what is causing the pain and only provide temporary relief.

 It is important for New Yorkers to invest time in taking control of their back health.  Back pain can be debilitating and cause serious health repercussions.  A healthy back will increase comfort and productivity and is essential for the non-stop lifestyle of the city.  Regardless of the frequency or degree of back pain, chiropractic adjustments can restore vertebral alignment and ensure the back remains in optimum health, which will keep pain at bay.  Adjustments are quick, safe, and painless, and provide permanent relief in a short period of time with no downtime or inactive recovery periods, perfect for busy New Yorkers who need an effective way to eliminate back pain that will not interfere with their demanding schedules.

New Yorkers suffering from any type of back pain, whether mild or severe, will benefit from a consultation with the chiropractic team at our physical rehabilitation facility, conveniently located on Broadway and Bleecker in downtown NYC.  For more information on our non-surgical back pain treatments, please visit www.drshoshany.com.



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