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Chiropractic Care for Children

Pediatric chiropractic

dr steven shoshany nyc chiropractor providing pediatric chiropractic services in SoHo NYC | ManhattanI’ve been a New York City chiropractor for about 20 years. Today I wanted to take some time out to talk about pediatric chiropractic. I practice chiropractic on as about a wide spectrum as you will find in this profession, from 90 year old retirees, to a few month old babies.  Ive been adjusting my own children all their lives. The big question here is about safety. Lets cut to the chase, is chiropractic safe to use on children and babies? Yes, and I wouldn’t  adjust my own children if I felt or saw that it wasn't. Using my own daughter as an example, she's 10 years old and I've been adjusting her since birth.

When most people think of chiropractic they don't usually think of Pediatrics, but as children grow, they accrue traumas, and these issues need to be addressed. Children fall and get hurt at parks, during playtime, at parks, and even the birthing process itself is pretty traumatic. So I believe that checking infants and babies spines and joints as they grow is one of the best things to keep them healthy. I think it helps,  and I’ve seen it with my own children, as they have grown up healthy, and in many ways, healthier than their peers.

dr steven shoshany treats children for back pain and neck pain in SoHo NYC | Chiropractor NYCSo as a chiropractor and a father, it's important to me that I regularly check my children at least every 2 weeks or so. If you have concerns about your child’s physical health or their spine as they're growing please feel free to contact a good, qualified chiropractor. Of course we make sure that we use a little less force than we do on an adult.

This is mostly speaking from my own personal success as a dad, and chiropractor. I’ve noticed that when compared to their peers, my children have not had to rely on antibiotics, they don't get ear infections, and they don't have food allergies. And they also get less colds, and when they do get sick they’re only down for a day or two. Like most things, adjustments go along with, not Just chiropractic, but a healthy balanced lifestyle, and proper exercise and nutrition.



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