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RockTape RockBlades Review

Review of the New IASTM Tools by RockTape

I rarely do reviews, but I do often recommend the tools I use to to other chiropractors and, when available for purchase by the general public, to my patients. I don’t sell these instruments myself, and this is not a sponsored review. I bought them myself and use them in my practice every day.  

rocktape rockblades review | Rockblades are sued to treat sore and injured muscles in SoHo ManhattanI've gotten to spend a few months familiarizing myself with the RockTape RockBlades. While they are not that new of a product, I felt it essential to get a sense of them in the field, as it were, to really get down to the main question at hand. Are the RockTape RcokBlades useful as soft tissue mobilization tools? I purchased my RockBlades several months ago. They are  RockTape’s standard IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) instruments.

I have little doubt that RockTape will just stick with this all in one approach to their tool. They will definitely branch out and release more specialized tools in the future. These Instrument assisted mobilization tools come in a great package, and it seems sturdy, as if it were intended to hold your tools for a long time, and not just designed to hold them during shipping. Inside the case there are two tools. A stainless steel heavy duty instrument, and a composite, or plastic instrument are included in the kit. It also comes with its own rock rub and some wipes for cleaning the RockBlades. 

rocktape rockblades are used to treat muscular injuries from crossfit to weightlifting in NYCOf course, I use other instruments in my manhattan practice, and I have been a big fan of the Graston instruments for a long time. It's always good to try out new tools, and keep up with what’s out there. All in one soft tissue instruments like these are not going to replace my Graston tools, at least not anytime soon. They'll definitely complement the various tools I already use in the office. The whole kit rests on the stainless RockBlade, and the plastic tool is really just a nice extra, and more of a lightweight travel option. What I like about it is its weight, overall it's easy to hold and has multiple surface areas to work with. Some of them are thinner some of them are thicker, but overall the treatment edges are nicely beveled. The RockBlade fits pretty nicely in the hand, and stays put, even when the RockSauce lubricant has coated the tool. 

The large end really able to work in a big structure like the hamstrings, or the IT band. This is definitely a great tool and yet another addition to the practice. The other instrument in this kit is the plastic or composite tool. It is much lighter in weight, but has a similar grip, but I don't think it has the same response from the tissue when I'm using it. I will say that what's nice about this is, if you're traveling you can take it with you on the plane. This specific tool is not something I would use in my practice, I use the metal one instead. But if I want something to stick it on my bag and not be worried about security or weird looks. 

I like to have all the newest and greatest, and best tools in my practice so this is something we definitely use but there are some things I don't like. It’s got some design issues. I feel that it is a little difficult to work on the small structures like fingers or the bottom of the foot. Overall great piece of equipment, and I'll definitely continue using it. It also helps that the pricing is right. I have been using it on some patients, since I  have a lot of runners and Crossfit athletes that are big and strong, and the RockBlade definitely works on them.

We have a few chiropractors at our practice, and the all love this instrument for its versatility. It's a great product that we use in the practice every day. The RockBlades will be a great addition to our other tools like the Graston tools, and laser therapy.



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