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How I Combine Active Release Technique and Graston Technique

Combining ART and Graston

dr steven shoshany treats arm and shoulder pain using active release techniques in soho manhattanI’ve been using Active Release Technique for many years, and especially with my more athletically inclined patients. Active Release Technique is one of the most prolific soft tissue techniques out there. It is absolutely fantastic for muscles. It can be used to treat simple muscle soreness, and it can also be used as part of a rehabilitation protocol for tears and strains. We integrate it with kinesio taping, specifically rocktape.  

Kinesiotape helps assist the muscle through its movement and can also act as a mild brace, while improving the body’s lymphatic activity. At our practice, we treat two types of people, those who require rehabilitation and interventional care, and those that want to prevent their conditions from getting worse. These patients require slightly different types of care. 

When someone is just limited to rehabilitation, the mobilization aspect of ART becomes important, along with the mild bracing that kinesiotaping can achieve. This will help prevent damage from progressing, while allowing the patient to go about their daily lives as they recover to the point of being able to undergo physical therapy. 

kinesiotaping shoulder injury with rocktape in manhattan | Tribeca chiropractic and physical therapyThe other kind of patient wants to be active as soon as possible. They might be managing or recovering from an injury, while still trying to progress athletically. These patients require Active Release Technique for its help in speeding up recovery and reducing the amount on intramuscular adhesion. In both cases Active Release and Kinesiotape will help to ensure that the likelihood of further injury, or compounding is reduced.

We also like to discuss patient goals, and get feedback. Listening to patients is only second to actually treating them. We want to know about their day to day activity, whether they are running, lifting, or just taking it easy. We check out the condition of their shoes, and how they're sleeping, and we also take a look at  nutrition and even supplementation. 

When we put all this together, our patients are able to recover with less complications, and we can change the protocol depending on what the patient needs, even if it is for that day. We use ART as part of a comprehensive protocol that looks at the individual and helps them get back on track as fast as possible, and usually without the need for drugs or surgery. IF you want to know more, check out our ART page, or call us at 212 645 8151



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