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Get Ready for Spring

Spring is Here!

There are few things like springtime in New York. After another long winter, we're excited to be able to spend all our free time outside, enjoying the fresh air and making the most of the city. We know we have many like-minded patients. Whether it's the weekend warriors or the competitive athletes among us, we are all eager to get out and reclaim the outdoors!

But we do have a few words of caution about the inbound warmth and sunshine. Enjoy it, but prepare your body for the increased physical demand and wear. We want all our patients to prepare themselves for the physical toll a sudden and vigorous return to outdoor activity can have on the body. We see it every year, people get way too active too quickly, and the result is not fun. We're not being downers, this post is about helping you avoid all the aforementioned gloom.

So here is a bit of advice and a reminder from our staff of experts.

Take care of your skin.
We've been bundled up and indoors for the majority of the winter. Remember to increase your hydration and take care of your skin. Sunscreen, hats, or even UV blocking clothing can help reduce the wear on your skin. And hydration is, as usual, the most important thing, and not just for your skin.

Runners, please check your footwear.
We know that many of you are big-time runners. So please give those running shoes a thorough check before hitting the pavement, grass, asphalt, dirt, etc. Remember to check that the sole is wearing evenly and not affecting your foot strike or gait.  

Get off the phone!
Sorry for yelling, it's getting beautiful out so why are you hunched over a tiny screen? Head to the parks, or go on a hike. Go people watching or catch an outdoor fair or event, and there will be a ton of them starting up soon. Please watch your posture, and use this season to counteract the damage "text neck" can cause.

These are just a few tips to get you started, but if you want more, just shoot us an email. We'll follow up on youtube and Instagram with some more helpful content so please subscribe and follow us on those respective platforms.

Also, spring is a great time to come in and get an adjustmentplan scheduled. You can even come in as you need. If you're getting on a plane, hitting the trails, or even just enjoying time out in the city, come see us and let's make sure you do not miss a single day of spring due to pain or injury.



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