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Some Tips To Help You Eat Better And Feel Better This Holiday Season

Cookies, pies, pastries and lattes. The four main food groups of the holiday season, and the perfect ingredients for fatigue, inflammation, and a few guaranteed extra pounds. Have you ever fallen asleep in to a “food-coma” less than 20 minutes after leaving the kitchen table? Sometimes it seems inevitable and everyone’s been there. However, we’re here to help combat overeating and feeling sluggish this holiday season. Better yet you might even be able to use this time off to actually real and recover from the stress of work and NYC life.

Thankfully, to stay healthy this holiday season, you don’t need to give up all the down time and delicious treats you look forward to indulging in. In fact, a few small, smart choices can help you have a much healthier and happier holiday. And that’s where we come in.

Number one, as always, is hydration.
Staying hydrated is an important step and a sure-fire way to staying healthy and eating less junk food, all year long. Simply drinking a full glass of water at breakfast, lunch and dinner can make a positive impact by reducing inflammation and helping you maintain healthy eating habits.

Second, be mindful about your consumption.
While everything around the holidays may look tempting and delicious, it is important to listen to your body’s needs. Before you load up your plate or go back for holiday dinner, eat at a slower pace and give your body time to register the food you have eaten, to prevent the compulsive desire to consume. Satisfy your sugar cravings while practicing moderation and consider taking a half a slice of pie or eat only one cookie instead of three. Be sure to keep plenty of healthy, low-fat snacks on hand at home, so that when you have a sweet or savory craving, you can grab or a piece of fruit as an easy alternative to combat the desire for extra sugar. Try eating a full, healthy meal before attending holiday parties, so that you are less likely to overindulge in unhealthy food.

Next, never, ever neglect your sleep.
xmas-tips-sleep-281x300.jpgNo matter how hectic your work or traveling schedule is, sleep is always key. Sleep should be the last thing you compromise on. With the strain of the holidays, it is crucial to stick to a regular sleep schedule so that you can better manage your stress levels during this chaotic time. Your body needs an adequate amount of sleep so that it can rest, recover and recharge for whatever you have in store the next day.

Finally, see your Chiropractor.
Research shows that chiropractic adjustments may help reduce both the stress on your body and on your mind. By getting adjusted by your chiropractor, your neck, lower-back, and shoulders will benefit by reducing built up tension, and reducing the effects of bad posture from the hours spent at a desk.

We are always here to help educate and heal, because your health is what matters to us. If the holidays are a time of stress for you, give some of our tips a try and see if this time of the year is just a bit more merry, and healthier.

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