Herniated Disc Treatment NYC
Spinal Decompression Therapy NYC using the DRX-9000

Herniated disc treatment NYC. A spinal cord illustration with a spinal disc being indicated for purposes of explaining herniated disc treatment in NYCDiscs are the soft tissues located between the individual vertebrae that make up the spine.  Their purpose is to provide cushioning and flexibility along the entire length of the spine. When healthy, discs are pliable and resilient and aid in proper spinal function and support.  However, when a spinal disc undergoes any type of physical trauma, herniation is likely to occur. Discs are filled with a gel-like substance that provides spinal shock absorption. When a disc is damaged or ruptured, this fluid will either leak or dry up, causing the disc to shrink in size or alter its natural positioning, thus leaving the spine at risk for serious injury and damage, which can become permanent if damaged disc structures are not promptly repaired.

When a disc becomes herniated, it may tear or slip and decrease the necessary space between vertebrae.  This can lead to numerous problems, such as painful friction, pinched nerves, nerve damage, spinal imbalances, as well as deteriorated posture, all of which may cause repercussions in other areas of the body, manifesting in pain or health problems. Herniated disc treatment NYC at our clinic is approached conservatively. The spine is the body’s central control system, which means all of the body’s organs are connected to it. Any issues within the spine have the potential to spread to other body parts and cause additional difficulties.

Herniated discs are a preventable and treatable condition.

dr. steven shoshany nyc chiropractor offers true spinal decompression using the DRX 9000 in NoHo NYC Non-Surgical Spinal DecompressionHerniated disc treatment success rates are significantly higher when the condition is detected early before the damage has had the opportunity to become permanent.  The most effective treatments to restore discs to their natural form include spinal decompression and manual adjustments.  Dr. Steven Shoshany is an acclaimed specialist in non-surgical, non-invasive herniated disc treatment NYC and uses the latest technology to effectively provide long-term pain relief and help each patient attain the best possible overall health by restoring proper disc and spinal function.

With the use of the Cox® flexion-distraction table, a manually-controlled device, Dr. Shoshany is able to safely and effectively return a normal range of motion to stiff joints, reduce pressure on spinal nerves, and help eliminate pain in herniated discs.

Dr. Shoshany also provides a patented computer-assisted spinal decompression system using the DRX-9000 mechanism, which is designed to provide concise relief to patients who experience disc herniation as well as many other spinal ailments. Those seeking herniated disc treatment NYC can experience lasting relief of back pain.

Dr. Shoshany’s state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation facility also offers customized supplemental herniated disc treatment NYC, individually crafted for each patient’s specific condition by the team of medical experts.  Services include physical therapy, medical massage therapy, acupuncture, and more.Herniated disc treatment NYC. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression with the DRX 9000 provides true non-surgical spinal decompression in Soho Manhattan on Broadway

Additionally, a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine is available to patients who experience more advanced conditions which might require the aid of prescription medications for pain management, as well as minimally-invasive pain-relieving injections to help rebuild and repair severely damage disc tissues.

For further information on disc herniation treatments and practices NYC, you can contact 212-645-8151.