Deep Laser Therapy NYC (Class 4)

Class 4 deep laser therapy is sometimes referred to as “hot” laser therapy. That is because Laser therapy is different from most conventional laser treatments due to the fact that it actually produces heat. This heat is produced by the class 4 deep laser device which provides relief through much deeper penetration of the skin and muscle fascia that any other form of topically applied heat.

Deep laser therapy NYC. The class 4 hot laser therapy device from Litecure can help reduce inflammation tendinitis and myofascial adhesions | NYC physical therapy and chiropractic can help speed healing using deep laser therapy

Deep laser therapy NYC for helping reduce wrist pain. Dr. Shoshany's NYC chiropractic and physical therapy clinic use warm laser therapy to speed healing and ensure long term recoveryThe device and the treatment are completely non-invasive. Due to the properties of the class 4 laser, the heat therapy can reach deeper muscles and provide a much more intense warmth than a conventional method of administering heat therapy. For hundreds of years, physicians have been aware of the analgesic properties of using applied heat. Heat therapy has also been used in conjunction with cryotherapy to help speed healing, and relieve pain. When used as a protocol this method is known as contrast therapy and is used for high-level competitive athletes.

The application of the laser helps excite the boy’s natural photochemical response, in order to alert the nervous system and force a response to damaged or compromised tissue. The results of laser therapy are reduced inflammation and acceleration of tissue recovery resulting in long term pain reduction. Class 4 deep laser therapy NYC can be used across the spectrum for treating acute and chronic pain and a number of clinical conditions.

At our Manhattan practice, deep laser therapy NYC is used by a range of our integrated specialists. Both chiropractors and physical therapists use the class 4 deep laser to ensure that the patient is recovering and continuing to heal well after the pain has subsided. The best physical therapists know that pain is just a symptom of an underlying dysfunction. In order to address the underlying structural or neurological cause of the problem, and the ensure long term results, the specialists at our NYC practice use an integrated, patient-centered approach.

The deep laser is an excellent supplemental modality that works well with almost all of the treatments available at our NYC chiropractic and spinal decompression center. Deep laser therapy NYC can be combined with the Class 3 Cold Laser therapy, Kinesio Taping for injury prevention, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, physical therapy as well as spinal decompression and Active Release Techniques.

Deep laser therapy in nyc can help wrist pain neck pain back pain carpal tunnel syndrome shoulder pain knee pain sprain and strains | Quickly treat crossfit injuries