Introducing Dr. Katie Novosel to the Dr Shoshany Blog

Dr. Katie Novosel, one of the lead chiropractors on Dr. Steven Shoshany’s team of experts, will join Dr. Shoshany’s blog to share her expertise and views on various topics including women’s wellness, family and children’s health, nutrition, and much more.

Dr. Novosel joined Dr. Shoshany’s NYC practice in April 2012.  She is an authority in progressive corrective care and is certified to offer patients revolutionary physical rehabilitation treatments, including Clinical Biomechanics of Posture (CBP®), The Pettibon System™ (known as “the reinvention of Chiropractic”), and Diversified treatment methods.

Dr. Novosel’s comprehensive wellness treatments aim to provide patients with the foundation to be as healthy as possible, as a sound spine and nervous system allow the entire body to function at its best, lowering the risk of many ailments, disorders, and diseases.  Dr. Novosel’s posts will center on women’s interests and will provide useful, stimulating, and fun information and tips on treatments, lifestyle choices, exercises, foods, supplements, and more that will aid women in creating a healthy life for themselves and their loved ones.

For more information on Dr. Katie Novosel’s cutting-edge scoliosis and physical rehabilitation treatments or for a personal consultation with Dr. Novosel, please visit or call 212-645-8151.