Hurricane Sandy Announcement

Broadway and Bleeker street in Noho ManhattanOn behalf of Dr. Shoshany’s entire team, we hope you are all doing well. The post hurricane recovery efforts have begun, and while our power was out, and the office closed, last week we are back to work. The doctors are in, the power is on and we’re ready to resume helping people get out of pain and help restore optimal youth and vitality. We hope that all our patients and their families are doing well and getting back to their normal routine with ease.

Since communication was difficult during the hurricane and the ongoing recovery efforts, we’re doing our best to get back to everyone’s inquiries, and that we can help as many people as possible.

We are also able to quickly adjust to your schedule, and we can quickly schedule or reschedule your appointments as if best works for you. You can also schedule a new appointment through the website, or call: 212 645 8151