Long Distance Running Injuries
Distance Running & Marathon Readiness Protocol

dr shoshany sports medicine and chiropractic treatment for runners in NYCMarathon running is grueling, whether you are a professional, or a weekend warrior looking to take their running to the next level by entering competitions. We treat a lot of distance runners at our Manhattan practice. Over the years, we have almost 20 years of experience in treating professional runners and have spent hands-on time creating practical methods for treating long distance runners.

In many cases runners start out running for weight loss and health and then get addicted to the challenge of running longer distances, and the simplicity of the exercise. As time goes on, they tend to get up into the double digits in miles and start to pick up little injuries here and there. The stories we hear from patients are very similar, they get a minor injury, or inflammation and think nothing of it, and figure if the pain isn’t debilitating then it can be ignored.

A couple of years ago, the New York Road Runners Association recommended adding a chiropractor as an essential part of getting ready for distance running. Working with a qualified chiropractor while training for a marathon, can help prevent minor setbacks. These minor issues often make you more prone to injury, and more likely to get compound injuries.

We treat running-related injuries and provide preventative care for competitive runners.

We are an integrated practice, which means that we go beyond chiropractic. When chiropractic care and physical therapy are combined a lot of our runners are able to quickly get back to basic exercise and physical therapy. This ensures that rehabilitation time is concentrated, and a return to activity requires less of a reacclimation to training form. The physical therapist is essential in helping foam rolling and stretching, and setting up proper strengthening protocols and heading off future injuries.

Aside from chiropractic and physical therapy, we rely on a varying mixture of hot laser and cold laser therapies, massage, and custom orthotics. The protocols do not end there, and many associative modalities of the previous specialties, like the Graston technique. Working together with a chiropractor and physical therapist, you essentially have a team of experts helping you prepare for, not just the NYC marathon, but to keep you in competitive shape through the year.

Dr. Shoshany has been practicing a New York City for over 20 years and has seen virtually every running-related injury that’s possible. From hamstring tears or hamstring adhesion, Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, Dr. Shoshany and his staff have treated them all. The Marathon Runners Preparedness Protocol has been developed over the course of fifteen years and continues to be refined and expanded yearly, as more runners seek out not just rehabilitative care, but preventative measures to help avoid injuries.

Please do not hesitate to email, or call us to find out more, or to see what we could do to help keep you running.