Cervical Disc Herniation NYC

Symptoms, Causes and Non-surgical Treatment for Cervical Disc Herniation

Chiropractor NYC cervical disc herniation doctor. A cervical disc can become herniated and misaligned in the spine, there are several non-surgical chiropractic treatments available at our medical office in NYC


Cervical disc herniation, which often manifests in the form of arm pain, is a common occurrence in patients of all ages, but mostly over the age of 30 and can be due to a number of causes. In all instances, cervical disc herniation occurs when a nerve in the cervical (neck area) spine is impinged by a herniated disc.

As the cervical nerve becomes impinged, it affects the tissue along its path and can cause weakness, numbness, tingling, discomfort, and pain that travels down the neck and extends through the arm, all the way down the fingertips.  In prolonged or advanced cases of cervical disc herniation, the patient may lose normal motor abilities in the arm and hand due to nerve damage.

Dr. Shoshany has successfully treated patients with various levels of cervical disc herniation, keeping them away from risky surgical procedures and dangerous narcotic pain medication.  After a thorough examination, which may include a combination of X-ray/ultrasound analysis and manual palpation, Dr. Shoshany is able to determine the root cause of the problem.  Once Dr. Shoshany determines the exact location of the impinged nerve, a custom-tailored chiropractic treatment plan is developed.

Treatment for cervical disc herniation is very straightforward due to the small size of the cervical discs.  The goal is to relieve excessive pressure from the afflicted nerve(s), which is easily achieved through spinal decompression.

The best spinal decompression NYC has available with the DRX9000 and with cervical decompression expert Dr Steven Shoshany.Dr. Shoshany offers the latest in computer-assisted spinal decompression, which can be applied in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments for optimum results.  When soft tissue damage is present, Dr. Shoshany may also prescribe complementary rehabilitation therapies such as cold laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, electric stimulation for pain relief and increased mobility. Dr. Shoshany also works alongside his team of NYC physical therapists and is able to coordinate a personalized physical therapy plan.  All of these services and more are available in-house and are provided by Dr. Shoshany and his licensed and highly regarded staff.

Patients suffering from neck, shoulder, and arm pain or discomfort are welcome to consult NYC chiropractor Dr. Steven Shoshany to determine if they are currently suffering from cervical disc herniation.  To schedule an appointment and for additional information on Dr. Shoshany’s techniques and spinal decompression treatment for cervical disc herniation, call us for an appointment today.